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No New Posts Ninja Handbook

Come read all the rules and information on ANU here. And welcome to ANU! :D Please read the threads in order.

Moderators: Sachi;;Tsunade, Maara Kianse, Shadow Dragon, Alastar, Harris

5 66 Activity Check!!!!
by Kira
May 3, 2008 12:47:05 GMT -5
No New Posts Forum Suggestions

Do you have some suggestions to help make this forum better? If so, please go here.

Moderator: Sachi;;Tsunade

12 124 Under The Table
by gf52t5
Mar 25, 2009 21:23:29 GMT -5
No New Posts Introduction!

If you want, you can come here and tell us a little about yourself at the Introduction Board. Please Start a new thread. Thank you!

18 117 Yo
by EllAppolo
Oct 9, 2019 9:53:10 GMT -5
No New Posts Absence

Going somewhere? Leaving? Won't be on ANU for awhile? Let us know here!

Moderators: Sachi;;Tsunade, Maara Kianse, Shadow Dragon, Alastar, Harris

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No New Posts Events

Events in RP, forum, Naruto, must fill out a template for RP thought...but post your opinions in the rest! ;D

Sub-board: RP Events

2 6 SOTM (Shinobi of the Month) -CLOSED-
by Sachi;;Tsunade
May 10, 2008 16:11:19 GMT -5
No New Posts Scroll House

The Scroll House provides many information for you to look at. You do not buy or barrow them. They are just there for you to read. But you can reply and ask questions.

Moderator: Alastar

22 32 Legend of the Gallant Jiraiya
by sfsdfsdf
Oct 7, 2011 7:33:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Staff Room

If you have any question concerning the forum, naruto info, the exam and et cetera, please come here.

Moderator: Sachi;;Tsunade

Sub-boards: Staff Chat/Updates, Questions

4 9 Before Making A Character
by kizu
Mar 26, 2008 22:29:18 GMT -5
No New Posts Bingo Book

The Bingo Book holds certain village ninjas that are a threat or just plain criminals. Come here to look at them.

Moderators: Sachi;;Tsunade, Maara Kianse

9 51 Amegakure B.I.N.G.O Book
by Shadow Dragon
Mar 23, 2008 14:42:52 GMT -5

Character Composing

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No New Posts Character Registration

In this board, you will register your character and wait for a staff member's approval.

Moderators: Sachi;;Tsunade, Maara Kianse, Shadow Dragon

Sub-boards: Accepted Profiles, Profiles

49 189 Sora Mararu
by soramararu
May 30, 2009 10:24:15 GMT -5
No New Posts Character Lists

Come here to see every member's characters and a short description. That way, no one has to be confused on which character belongs to whom.

1 1 List
by Sachi;;Tsunade
Mar 20, 2008 20:44:33 GMT -5
No New Posts Templates

Okay- a few people might get confused. This is not a skin template. It's one of those applications. Applications of any shinobi-related threads. We have summonings, organizations, and more.

Sub-Boards: ANBU, Akatsuki, Clans, Custom Weapons, Custom Jutsus, Custom Village, and Summonings

Moderators: Sachi;;Tsunade, Alastar

Sub-boards: ANBU, Akatsuki, Custom Weapons, Clans, Summonings, Custom Jutsus, Custom Village, Custom Organizations

38 108 Dai Aoi
by Sachi;;Tsunade
May 4, 2008 15:00:18 GMT -5
No New Posts Custom Shop

If you want to open any sort of shop, advertising any kind of Naruto-related or Ninja Related things, please apply here and your shop will be made into a sub-board.

Moderators: Sachi;;Tsunade, Maara Kianse

Sub-boards: Shop Stop Music Store, Shop Stop Art Store

5 12 Items For Purchase
by Harris
Feb 23, 2008 13:58:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Bonds

Bonds...Forever deep they shall be within your heart... ;D

So come make a few!!!!

2 2 Template/Info
by Sachi;;Tsunade
Mar 29, 2008 12:26:03 GMT -5
No New Posts Missions

For all ninjas. Come here to look at missions posted for you, or if you're bored, ask for a mission to do.

by Sachi;;Tsunade
Feb 23, 2008 12:55:35 GMT -5
No New Posts Shinobi Teams

All teams are posted here. For all villages

Moderators: Sachi;;Tsunade, Maara Kianse

13 21 Yagami Akechi (Genin, signing up for a team)
by Maara Kianse
Apr 1, 2008 19:37:35 GMT -5

Central Area

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No New Posts Konohagakure

Konoha is one of the five great ninja villages with the Hokage as its leader. The Hokage is currently Tsunade, or the Fifth.

Sub-Boards: All Village Boards, Forest of Death

Hokage: Tsunade (Sachi)

Sub-boards: Hokage Citadel, Ichiraku Ramen, Tankuzu Gai, Valley of the End, Village Outskirts, Konohagakure Interior, Forest of Death

7 113 A Walk
by Akira;;Nori
May 6, 2008 19:26:08 GMT -5
No New Posts Shadow Village

A small but strong village, it has a mountainous structure.

Moderator: Harris

1 1 Lotus
by Harris
Feb 28, 2008 17:16:06 GMT -5

Western Area

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No New Posts Sunagakure

The Village Hidden in the Sand, led by the Kazekage. This village is allied with Konohagakure.

Kazekage: Shadow Dragon

Sub-boards: Sunagakure Outskirts, Sunagakure Interior, Administration Building, Sungakure Academy, Training Grounds, Greenhouse, Sunagakure Graveyard

1 1 Mission Info (Just Read, Don't Reply)
by Maara Kianse
Feb 17, 2008 12:01:34 GMT -5
No New Posts Iwagakure

The Village Hidden in the Rocks, led by the Tsuchikage. Not much information is currently known about this village.

Tsuchikage: Danzen Kyoudai (Sonic Dragon)

Sub-boards: Tsuchikage's House, Iwagakure Outskirts, Iwagakure Interior, Land of the Rumbling Boulders

2 15 Rumbling Boulders... (Mission...OPEN to anyone)
by Sachi;;Tsunade
May 7, 2008 19:38:21 GMT -5
No New Posts Amegakure

Also known as the Hidden Rain Village, this village has special senbons and water ninjutsu that can easily overpower another ninja.

Lord: Ryo Yakuta

Sub-boards: Amegakure Outskirts, Amegakure Interior, Kage/Leader's House, Training Grounds

1 4 A Meeting [Open to all Rain nin]
by Maara Kianse
Apr 1, 2008 19:47:14 GMT -5
No New Posts Kusagakure

This is the Hidden Grass Village. Not much is known about the village, but it specializes in jutsus that are related to flora or fauna.

Feudal Lord: N/A

Sub-boards: Kusagakure Outskirts, Kusagakure Interior, Kage/Leader's House, Training Grounds, Giant Bamboo Forest, Tenchi Bridge

1 1 Mission Info (Just Read, Don't Reply)
by Maara Kianse
Feb 17, 2008 12:02:42 GMT -5
No New Posts Oni no Kuni

The Demon Country, this country has the High Priestess (Shrine Maiden) who governs the land...

Lord: N/A

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Eastern Area

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No New Posts Kiragakure

The Village Hidden in the Mist, led by the Mizukage.

Mizukage: Shinsei Kangen (Silver Storm)

Sub-boards: Kiragakure Interior, Kiragakure Outskirts, Mizukage Tower, Kiragakure Academy, The Land of Waves, Training Grounds

10 116 [Silver]Threats are useless
by Alastar
May 16, 2008 15:33:30 GMT -5
No New Posts Kumogakure

The Hidden Village of Lightning, led by the Raikage. Not many ninjas know about this village, and they are very secretive.

Raikage: Makoto Hikaru

Sub-boards: Kumogakure Outskirts, Kumogakure Interior, Raikage House, Kumogakure Academy, Training Grounds

3 35 Akatsuki Reconnaissance - Kumogakure. (Open RP)
by wowposter
Nov 12, 2008 0:39:44 GMT -5
No New Posts Hoshigakure

Also known as the Hidden Star Village, Hoshigakure has mysterious but powerful ninjutsu with great chakra control.

Lord: Tatsujin Gynn

Sub-boards: Hoshigakure Outskirts, Hoshigakure Interior, Hoshikage House, Hoshigakure Academy, Training Grounds

1 1 Tye's kinda place (open)
by Alastar
Mar 26, 2008 13:33:58 GMT -5

Northern Area

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No New Posts Otogakure

This is also known as the Hidden Sound village, created and ruled by Orochimaru, a talented missing-nin from the Leaf.

Lord: Orochimaru (Roku)

Sub-boards: Orochimaru's Tower, Otogakure Outskirts, Otogakure Interior, Temple, Post Town

1 12 Hunt For Sasuke (Open, Need 3 members)
by Harris
Mar 5, 2008 18:35:34 GMT -5
No New Posts Yukigakure

The Village Hidden in the snow, led by the Snow Feudal Lord. This area was always filled with snow until the generator was found.

Lord: N/A

Sub-boards: Yukigakure Outskirts, Yukigakure Interior, Kazahana Castle, Dotou Compound, Rainbow Glaciers, Yukigakure Harbor

1 4 The fatal assault on Aisurufu! (Juuichibi)
by Shadow Dragon
Mar 12, 2008 14:35:51 GMT -5
No New Posts Takigakure

Takigakure is the village hidden in the waterfall, and this village contains a mysterious 'weapon' called the Hero's Water.

Sub-boards: Takigakure Cave, Takigakure Interior, Waterfall Hero House, Takigakure Academy, Training Grounds, Hero Water Shrine

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No New Posts Kagerougakure

A weakened and small shinobi village, and an estimate if it really lies in the north, this is the Hidden Heat Haze village. The village was set in the mountainous terrain of their home country. After war with Konoha much of its buildings were destroyed, and its ninja were later wiped out by another unknown hidden village.

Lord: N/A

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Southern Area

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No New Posts Tea Country

This is the Land of Tea, a small village, but with many different races.

Sub-boards: Port City, Degarashi Port, Fishing Village, Nagi Island, O'uzu Island

1 3 Todoroki Shrine Race (Open)
by Maara Kianse
Mar 19, 2008 10:56:26 GMT -5
No New Posts Moon Country

The country draws its name from the shape of the island itself. Due to its location, the country experiences mild weather and a constant summer state.

Sub-boards: Royal Palace, Moon Country's City, Sea Port

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No New Posts Sea Country

This country lies south of the Tea Country. It is said that Orochimaru's old lab was here.

Sub-boards: Haha Island Port, Jiro Island Compound, Kikai Island Compound, Shiragiku Inn

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No New Posts Ideyu no Sato

A village that is one big tourist attraction. Come and try out our hot springs!!

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Other Places

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Non-Shinobi Villages

This is where the non-shinobi villages are..

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No New Posts Training Grounds

All Shinobi can come here to train and become stronger. :P

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No New Posts Forest looking for fights... ;D

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No New Posts Beaches/Oceans

Sandy...water...sun...stuff like that. :P

3 29 You call that a attack?? {Open}
by Akira;;Nori
May 6, 2008 19:38:07 GMT -5
No New Posts Mountains

Mountains are tall and rocky... ;D

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No New Posts Desert you go crazy. Good luck at a desert.

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No New Posts Grasslands

Plains. Grass. Flowers. Frollicing. ;D

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No New Posts Abandoned Areas

There are a few abandoned areas here...where most people would go...but never come back..

1 3 One on One (Zaer)
by Alastar
Apr 4, 2008 13:35:54 GMT -5
No New Posts Akatsuki HQ

Sub-boards: Akatsuki Information., Akatsuki Outskirts, Akatsuki Base, Akatsuki Personal Rooms., Akatsuki Training Grounds.

11 62 Akatsuki grounds (Sonic's sample RP/Introduction)
by wowposter
Nov 12, 2008 0:39:49 GMT -5
No New Posts ANBU HQ

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No New Posts GSA

This organization stands for Grand Shadow Army, and is from the Shadow Village planning to attack Konoha.

Moderator: Harris

1 1 Application Zone
by Harris
Mar 12, 2008 14:52:16 GMT -5


Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts Random Board!

You can talk about anything here.

Sub-Boards: Announcments, Money Quizzes, and Naruto Chat

Moderator: Sachi;;Tsunade

Sub-boards: Announcments, Money Quizzes

10 260 no team
by kakashi
May 9, 2008 6:35:37 GMT -5
No New Posts Naruto in General + Episodes

Come talk about the show, watch episodes and movies of Naruto/Naruto Shippuden here!

3 11 Naruto Shippuden: Sai
by Ryo Yakuta
Mar 30, 2008 12:32:40 GMT -5
No New Posts Anime + Manga

Come here to talk about other Anime, Manga, and more!

2 14 Death Note
by Oni Divinity
Mar 30, 2008 13:14:40 GMT -5
No New Posts Quizzes and Polls

You can come here to take quizzes and vote in polls or make some.

Moderator: Sachi;;Tsunade

Sub-boards: Quizzes, Polls

6 41 Naruto Character- favorite
by Sachi;;Tsunade
Apr 16, 2008 16:25:00 GMT -5
No New Posts ANU Shop

Come here to buy things from the ANU Shop. We only except money from this forum. :)

Moderators: Sachi;;Tsunade, Maara Kianse

1 4 Shop 1!
by Roku-kun
Mar 7, 2008 19:06:11 GMT -5
No New Posts Kage Chat

All Kages or Staff Members may come and discuss important aspects here.

Moderators: Sachi;;Tsunade, Shadow Dragon, Harris, Makoto Hikaru, Maara Kianse, Silver Storm, Alastar

1 21
No New Posts ANU Advertise/Affiliates

Do you want more members on your forum? Then come here and advertise!

Moderator: Sachi;;Tsunade

Sub-board: Affiliates

53 83 Sensou no Koden - Naruto post-canon
by Suzaku
Jan 1, 2010 12:42:14 GMT -5
No New Posts Games

Post Naruto-related games here. :)

Sub-board: Contest Board

6 226 Naruto Hangman
by Sachi;;Tsunade
May 5, 2008 19:35:39 GMT -5
No New Posts Archives

Dead, boring, empty, and over-due locked threads or boards go here! Come read 'em and have a laugh :P

Moderator: Sachi;;Tsunade

18 316 Akatsuki Reconnaissance - Konohagakure. (Open RP)
by wowposter
Nov 12, 2008 0:39:37 GMT -5


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